Texas Solar Overview: Then and Now

Solar energy has come a very long way since the first solar cell was discovered and later created. The first metal solar cell was a discovery that took place in the 1800s. Nearly 50 years later, they created the first working PV cell. After some time, with some new developments they created the first solar panel. Back then, solar cells had about 1% efficiency. Over the years, it went up to 14%, and now it stands at a high of 15-20%. Today the solar industry overview in the USA shows that they installed enough PV capacity, that it’s enough to power 18.9 homes. They surpassed 3 million installations in total.

One of the interesting solar innovations that developers made was the first solar building in the world, which was made in 1973 and named “Solar One” The construction was built on a mix of solar thermal and photovoltaic energy. Additionally, the first solar-powered town in the US is Babcock Ranch, which is entirely sustained by renewable energy.

A Brief History of Solar Energy in Texas

What made solar in Texas become a statewide investment for homes began from 1981 when their first solar policy came about. The Texas solar overview shows that they released the Renewable Energy Systems Property Tax Exemption. The state wanted to ensure that homeowners would not have to file tax for the increase in the value of their homes. It made solar a relatively more affordable option than before they introduced the policy, which means that more residents became interested in PV systems as a source of energy production.

Over time, Texas adapted more and more legislation to make renewable energy a viable option for residents and businesses. Additionally, They passed legislation called the renewable portfolio standard that included a goal that utilities supplied 3% of their electricity sales with renewable sources by 2015. After the fact, they set a further goal of 10,000 MW of renewable energy by 2025. Considering the solar resources of Texas, they met this goal quickly. As time went on, Texas ranked 8th in the country for its solar capacity. The Texas solar overview makes it clean that they became pioneers of renewable energy. 

Compare the Pricing of Solar Energy

With the rise in efficiency in solar cells over time also came the decrease of the price. When developers introduced solar cells, they cost about $300 per Watt. When the ’70s rolled around, it went down to $20 per Watt until finally landing on $0.20 per Watt that we have nowadays. The cost of solar then and now has a vast gap. This is good news for the people who take interest in investing. There are additionally many incentives and rebates that the state made available for residents. Most solar installation companies take care of the paperwork that you need to file for financing options. All you have to do is sign up for a consultation, and you should be good to go.

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